Message from our CEO;

I started my career in 1984 at an international pesticide company. Later on, in 1986, I started working for a mineral fertilizer corporation as a sales and marketing director for 11 years.

The year 1986 is considered a truly crucial year for both the mineral fertilizer sector of Turkey and for me. Because the mineral fertilizers were decided to be sold by the dealers in a dealership system, rather than the state institutions, to farmers. Therefore, this revised system has given me the chance to become one of the very few people who contributed to establishing its framework. I was very lucky!..

In the meantime, fertilizer usage worldwide was spreading rapidly, in line with the diversifying categories. Traditional soil fertilizer applications were evolving, and accordingly, the fertilizer types used in open-field and greenhouse agriculture were being innovated, resulting in evidently improved efficiency.

It was precisely during this period that I took the decision to manufacture specialty fertilizers and establish Ege Zirai Maddeler A.S. Within the first 26 years of our existence, we have had the honor of having our trademark on numerous new products and product categories.

Within this period, we have been following the innovations in our sector and a policy to help farmers save up on unit costs and improve their crops' efficiency while not compromising on quality. We have developed more than 100 products and five trademarked brands.

We have always received positive feedback from our end-users, the farmers. Consequently, we have evolved into a major company, both in the domestic and international markets, that has adopted the motto "Quality, Trust, and Benefit," never compromising on these three core values.

We will persist in innovating and try to advance our company by putting our highest effort and care into it, mindful of our responsibilities toward our team, the product that comes out of our production line, customers, and farmers.

With my sincere regards,

Levent Alku


message from our ceo